1. The Client/Contractor/Sub-contractor explicitly waives its own standard terms and conditions, even if these were drawn up after these standard terms and conditions of sale. In order to be valid, any derogation must be expressly agreed to in advance in writing.
  2. Invoices are due once work is completed and recieved via email in reply to a Sent Invoice or Purchase Order from Blackrock, payable within 30 day (EOM)  which means 30 days after the following month once the work has been recieved and acknowledged by email or signed off inspection of work is acceptable, unless another payment time frame is indicated on either the invoice or the order. In the event of non-payment by the due date, Blackrock Residential Corp. reserves the right to request a fixed interest payment amounting to 2% of the sum remaining due every 28 days until balance has been paid in full. Blackrock Residential Corp. will be authorized to suspend any provision of services without prior warning in the event of late payment.
  3. If a payment is still outstanding more than sixty (60) days after the due payment date, Blackrock Residential Corp. reserves the right to call on the services of a debt recovery company. All costs  and time to perform starting with the lien and or adjudication and all legal expenses on a solicitor and own client basis will be payable by the client and or subcontractor that fails to pay its bills.
  4. Certain countries apply withholding at source on the amount of invoices, in accordance with their internal legislation. Any withholding at source will be paid by the client to the tax authorities. Under no circumstances can Blackrock Residential Corp. become involved in costs related to a country's legislation. The amount of the invoice will therefore be due to Blackrock Residential Corp. in its entirety and does not include any costs relating to the legislation of the country in which the client is located.
  5. Blackrock Residential Corp. undertakes to do its best to supply performance services in due time in accordance with the agreed time frames. However, none of its obligations can be considered as being an obligation to achieve results. Blackrock Residential Corp. cannot under any circumstances, be required by the client to appear as a third party in the context of any claim for damages filed against the client by an end consumer.
  6. In order for it to be admissible, Blackrock Residential Corp. must be notified of any claim by means of a letter sent by recorded delivery to its registered office within 8 days of the delivery of the goods or the provision of the services.
  7. All our contractual relations will be governed exclusively by Canada law.
  8. Acceptable Tolerance 3/8 over 8 Feet and or Alberta Building Code 2019
  9. 4 Garbage Bags to be placed around the building (or otherwise agreed to in writing)
  10. 1 Complete List / Marking on walls to be provided at time of completion request by Site Superintendent
  11. Blackrock will complete items on the list that are structural in nature
  12. Price assumes layout of joists and trusses are as per drawings shown, if layout design is different price will be affected
  13. Builders/Contractors have 2 weeks to complete inspections   
  14. After 2 weeks for inspection the Hold-back is to be paid within 6 days after written notice of written request 
  15. Hold back agreed is 10% on each Draw / Payment of Invoice or Order
  16. The parties agree to the general contract terms of (download our CCDC2 2008 Contract) 
  17. The parties agree to use a Scope of Work to be provided by the Contractor. Which maybe in Purchase Order or another attachment which can be provided later.
  18. If Terms of  the Contractor, CCDC2 2008 and Quote Differ Blackrock Residential Terms on Quote will supersede 
  19. All Change orders and Extra's will be billed out hourly at $75 a man hour.
  20. Regular .12 nails 3 1/2, .148 1 1/2 hangar nails and 1 3/4 sub-floor screws - all other bolts, screws, hangars and fastener are provided by Builder or General Contractor
  21. If something before during or after changes on the construction drawings is constructed or material supplied changes this will require a change order or a change directive
  22.  The Contractor/Owner will have 48 hours to either sign the change order, or revers the changes or give direction to remove the scope of work from the contract and the owner must have someone else complete with in the same 48 hours. If nothing happens and no direction is given and the work needs to be completed so the job can be completed for inspections then the owner by not responding is agreeing to a change directive which will be billed at our hourly rate for change orders and the amount of actual time to complete the task.
  23. If one item is found to be incorrect in law this will not invalidate the contract and the rest of the contract will still be found to be valid
  24. Sub Contractors and Clients agree not to cut out Blackrock Residential Corp. during the job. If extra work is required the proper procedure is to discuss this with Blackrock and for BlackRock to produce a change order that all parties sign. If this isn't done and 1 party is trying to hire or work directly for the client. Blackrock residential has the right to invoice for the costs plus 40% and the amount due and owing will be paid by the Client and the client here by agrees to the amount.